Thursday, November 11

prague - november 2010


  1. Anonymous2:38 AM

    Oh, Karin; you know it takes someone very special to go to Prague - and return with images like these... I have no proper words to describe them, really, but why should I even try. They speak to me!

  2. I am very very excited! the composition, the subject:human; area, structure, light, fantastic!!

  3. Thanks Lilli and Ralph for your nice comments!

    I am not a photographer, like I once wrote: just I'm just having fun with my camera :)

  4. Hello Karin,
    greetings from Czech right from Prague!:)
    Your blog is full of interesting and beautifull photos, super, i like it!

  5. Hi Pea,
    How nice, somebody from Prague commenting on my photos. Prague is a wonderful city. So beautiful with so many gorgeous houses. I loved it!