Sunday, January 1

Despite my long absences here - the last months I have been blessed with two new lovely grandchildren and a 3rd on his way- you have hung around, shared words or sent mails and I want to thank you for that.


  1. Happy New Year Karin, and congratulations on your new grandchildren. To see your work is worth the wait!

  2. Hello Karin . . I wanted you to know that I posted some of your prints on my pinterest site ( Then another artist (who is also a pinner) told me that you would like others to request permission to post. Could you let me know if that's ok? You are credites with a link to your website. I will remove if you would like. If you respond to this comment, I will receive it through my blogspot. Thanks, Jann Gougeon

  3. Hi Karen, you have been quiet on your blog .Must be spending time with your grandchildren. looking forward to your new work.

    1. Hi David,
      I sent you a mail.